Our markets
and business sectors

Our 80 years experiencehave led us to developp sensors in various business sectors covering a large part of industry applications. Our 40,000 references confirm this.
We focus on 5 markets. R&D and innovation are essential to remain a leader in these markets.


CORREGE supports several major players in the energy sector thanks to innovative, reliable solutions adapted to the needs of our customers across their entire value chain: Production, Generation, Distribution.

Our specific sensor expertise in explosive atmospheres and the high reliability of our products allow us to provide solutions adapted to the Energy sector.

  • Production: in parallel with our oil&gas activities via Berger brand, the group is strengthening its positioning in nuclear power with sensors for power plant cooling circuits.
  • Génération : CORREGE has become a key player in sensors for power generation turbines. Our designs with very short response times help to secure and improve turbine performance.
  • Distribution : Individual energy metering equipment makes it possible to significantly reduce individual energy consumption. They are equipped with paired sensors. CORREGE has developed a high-precision pairing process allowing only the energy consumed to be billed.

Product examples

Cable type RTD sensor with mineral insulation for lower temperature


Cable type immersion RTD sensor

PS MID type

Cable type RTD sensor with mineral insulation

PSMSC type


CORREGE, in partnership with Thermo Electric, its sister company in the United States, offers a solution of instrumented wafers.The Instrumented Wafer (Thermocouples, Bonded Wafer or RTDs) finds application in semiconductor processing equipment where knowing and controlling the temperature at the surface of a wafer is critical

Over ten years, our easy-to-use solutions have become essential solutions in this sector.

Instrumented wafers


The history of CORREGE begins in the industrial sector where our first customers come from. Our partnerships with key players in this sector go back several decades, illustrating our commitment to long-term support.

CORREGE has developed specific know-how to design and manufacture temperature sensors that perfectly meet the expectations of our customers in this sector in terms of quality, reliability and production times.

Product examples

Head type RTD sensor


Head type thermocouple with ceramic protector

CTPC type

Head type thermocouple with explosion proof safety



The technical requirements and high reliability of our products meet the needs of the aerospace industry for which CORREGE manufactures temperature sensors for on-board applications.

A team dedicated to aerospace supports our customers through the whole qualification process.

Our sensors, certified EN9100, are used by major aircraft manufacturers, whether in manufacturing processes (meeting the requirements of AMS 2750) or in aircraft.

Product examples

Specific industrialization and production in according with EN9100 requirements


Since the beginning of the development of the Hydrogen sector, CORREGE has offered high-tech solutions.

Through our experience as a specialist in cryogenic applications, we contribute to the development of solutions allowing the production, storage and distribution of Hydrogen.

CORREGE offers ATEX certified solutions in vey low temperature range

Product examples

Cable type RTD sensor with mineral insulation for lower temperature


High pressure immersion thermocouple with cable connection