On-site checks and verifications
of your temperature sensors and instruments

Calibration and mapping

Calibration sur site de vos capteurs de température

After a while, your temperature sensors will be less accurate and can impact your manufacturing processes in terms of quality and cost. Ensuring that your sensors can operate in the most efficient way is the role of our dedicated experts from the CORREGE Services team.

They are used to working in harsh industrial environments to perform various types of on-site services to protect your assets such as mapping oven temperatures or calibrating installed sensors.

Our services

For 30 years, our CORREGE Services team has provided a complete set of services with the highest technical expertise:

Temperature mapping

of furnaces


of temperature sensors
on site

Wafer TC



of damaged sensors

Maintenance plan


of used sensors

Our strengths

Our technicians

operate on site throughout France. Qualified on all types of industrial installations but also to map the temperature of your furnaces.

Our workshop

allows you to manufacture and deliver your products (sensors, etc.) with very short lead times.

Our lab

Our activities on your sites require local support. Our service structure is equipped with a first-level laboratory capable of carrying out your calibrations.

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about CORREGE Services

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