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Temperature sensors consist of 5 main elements.
CORREGE expertise is to analyze your technical requirements (Temperature, fluid, mechanical resistance, insulation level, standards, etc.) to find the best combination of these 5 fundamental elements of construction

1. Sensing element
This part should be as close as possible to the measuring point. Main temperature sensing technologies are thermocouples and RTDs. Thermistors (NTC) and semiconductors can be used for certain applications.

2. Sensing element insulation
Sensing element can be insulated with resin, glue, ceramic, alumina powder, Teflon, silicone, PVC, etc. The insulator will be chosen according to the temperature range, the necessary response time, dielectric insulation level, etc.

3. Sensing element protection
Sensing element is encapsulated in a protective sheath which can be a metal tube, a mineral insulated cable, an overmolded protection or different types of coating. The type of protection to use depends mainly on the support with the risks of corrosion, abrasion, mechanical resistance, etc.

4. Connecting element
Signal transmission can be done by cables (compensation/extension), by connectors or by terminal block with connection head.

5. Fixing element
This part will allow the sensor to be fixed in its environment. We differentiate between two ways of connecting the sensor to its environment: by immersion or by surface contact.

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