Our range of products

Temperature, adaptability, environment, standards, costs…. Numerous criteria must be taken into consideration when it comes to define a temperature sensor or a component.
Correge helps you find the right one within the four main families of products :

Capteurs de température thermosonde

RTD sensors measure how a resistance varies with the temperature applied to it. The most common resistances are 100 Ohm, 500 Ohm, 1000 Ohm platinum resistances.
Correge offers different types of RTD sensors:

  • RTD sensors with cable - «  PS » type
  • RTD sensors with connection head - « CS » type
  • RTD sensors with connector - « DS » type
  • malleable mineral insulated RTD sensors
  • RTD sensors for ambient temperature and pipes

Capteurs de température thermocouples

Thermocouple sensors generate a current expressed in millivolts that varies with the temperature in which they operate.
The value of the generated current is converted in degrees. Different types of thermocouples exist depending on the temperature ranges they work in. Correge manufactures four large families of thermocouple sensors:

  • Mineral insulated thermocouples
  • Industrial thermocouples with metallic or ceramic protecting tube
  • Thermocouples for the aluminium industry
  • Encapsulated thermocouples with cable

Capteurs de température avec agrément ATEX

ATEX certified temperature sensors are used in potentially explosive atmospheres.  They can be either thermocouples or RTD sensors. Different types of protection modes are defined according to the risk areas. Correge has got  LCIE certifications for the production of :

  • flameproof  enclosure temperature sensors with heads with « d » mode of protection
  • Intrinsically safe temperature sensors with head or cable  with « ia » mode of protection
  • Temperature sensors with head or cable with “n” mode of protection

Composant pyrométrique

Temperature sensor components

There are three types of components :
The components which are essential parts of a temperature sensor, such as thermocouple or extension wires and cables, sensing elements….

  • Temperature components which complete the sensor , such as connectors, insulating beads, protecting tubes, connecting heads….
  • Associated components which are necessary for using the sensors, such as converters, controllers…..



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