RTD sensor with head
"CS" range

Industrial RTD sensor

These sensors are mainly used in environments where the temperature reading out is separated from the measure taking area (ovens, pipes...). The active part of the sensor is made of a sensing element protected by a metallic sheath. Connection is made by a terminal block or a transmitter situated inside a connecting head. A sliding or welded fitting allows a tight fixing.

Temperature range
 -200°C to +500°C

Mechanical Data
The choice of materials and fixing means are key elements for the sensor performance:

  • tightness between the areas
  • resistance to vibrations
  • resistance to the specific operating conditions

Mechanical resistance and response time - which seem opposite requirements - may be improved by reducing the sheath diameter in the active part.

1) of the sensing element:
    PT100 - PT500 - PT1000

  • Class A : + 0,15 °C + 0,002  °C [t°]
  • Class B : + 0,30 °C + 0,005  °C [t°]
  • Reduced tolerances on request

2) of the sensor:

Accuracy depends on the sensing element and the type of assembly with 2, 3 or 4 wires.

Response time

Indicative data for a "CS" sensor 1xPT100, 3 wires, with 304 SS 100mm long protector,
temperature range –20°C + 100°C.

Time to reach x% of the temperature scale interval  :




  6 mm



  9 mm with replaceable 6 mm thermic element



Tests carried out in compliance with IEC 751 standard.

Applicable standards

IEC 751
UTE 46202


Head-type RTD sensors may be used in potentially explosive atmospheres provided that the requirements of the ATEX 94/9/CE European directive and our LCIE 03 ATEX 6427X examination certificate are complied with. More information...


The most common dimensions are:

- "L" total length < 1000 mm
- "D" diameter: 6 to 9 mm

Other dimensions are available on request


sensing element :

- simple or double 100 Ohm platinum at 0°C,  with  2, 3 or 4 wires

insulation :
- ceramics and ceramic powder
- Silicone, Teflon, Epoxy resin

protecting tube :

- generally stainless steel
- possibly with reduced tip


thermic element :

- fixed
  diameters 6, 7, 8 mm

- replaceable thermic element for protecting sheaths > 9mm

- metallic
- pring loaded

connecting head :

- aluminium
- IP 54 to IP 67
- screwed or lever lid
- ceramic terminal block
- 4-20mA transmitter

options :

- fitting welded on protecting tube
- sliding fitting

marking :

As per customer specifications

Connecting diagram:

   3 fils   4 fils


- Immersed length = diameter x 10

- 4-20mA transmitters may be used