Platinum resistance probes


PT100 - PT500 - PT1000

Capteurs de température thermosonde

Principe :

RTD sensors measure how a resistance varies with the temperature applied to it


Types of resistance :

The most commonly used resistances are platinum resistances 100, 500, 1000
For some applications other types may be recommended :

  • Thermistances
  • Semiconductors


Design :

Resistance temperature probes are temperature sensors where the sensing element is encapsulated inside a protecting sheath. The sheath may be of different materials and dimensions depending on the use of the sensor. Sensing elements may either be in the form of  thin layers on a ceramic substrate or wound around a ceramic or glass support.

Accuracy :

Depending on the tolerance class of the sensing element and the type of assembly with 2, 3 or 4 wires, standard tolerances are + 0,05°C to + 0,30°C at 0°C
It is possible to obtain special tolerances at given temperatures or temperature ranges through a sharp selection of the elements.

Applications :

Resistance temperature probes are suitable for numerous industrial uses. The working conditions of the probe dictate the choice of an RTD sensor.


CORREGE manufactures different kinds of resistance probes :