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Listening to our customers

Standard supplies or brand new applications ; each customer’s request is a new challenge. The people of Correge – R&D, planning, production, laboratory and sales department – are dedicated to make your projects successful.

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Understanding their needs

Our sales force, in the back office or out in the field, is there is help you define the temperature sensor best fitted to your application.

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Proposing solutions

Our aim is to ensure that the measurements you take with our sensors are reliable and accurate.

For many years, our engineering and design department has built up large technical data bases which have become a precious and unique source of information for our engineers when it comes to propose measuring solutions in compliance with the technical, environmental and economic requirements of your project.

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When defining the specifications of a sensor, the experience of our laboratory technicians is an essential asset. Their thorough knowledge of the component characteristics and of the materials used enable them to continuously improve the quality of the sensors manufactured at Correge.

Prospecting innovative products and processes is one of the top priorities of our quality improvement scheme ; our R&D is permanently on the lookout for new materials, new technologies and manufacturing concepts.

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Organizing their application

The high quality of the temperature sensors manufactured at Correge  owes in the first place to the seriousness and motivation of the people who work there.

Reactivity, flexibility and adaptability govern the organization of our production;
workshops and manufacturing means are adapted to the features of each specific  market;
For instance, Just-in-time prevails for large series ; calls for delivery are dealt with through EDI and operators control all pieces in the course of production.

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Other products, such as mineral insulated thermocouples, industrial thermocouples or small RTD sensors…, are manufactured in distinct workshops where operators are encouraged to acquire multiskilled qualifications through extensive training programs

Where very specific processes are needed, ad hoc workshops are created on the spot with appropriate means.

Computerized production planning allows a good information flow to the foremen who permanently have a clear vision of the work load. People at all stages are contributing to continuously improve the internal organization and logistics.


Quality improvement

Correge has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and is strongly committed to continuously improve its quality management system.

Outstanding follow-up and performance measurement tools have been developed so that everyone in the company contributes to the day-to-day life of the system.

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The accuracy and the reliability of a temperature sensor are also very much dependent on the quality of its components. Correge has always attached a great importance to building strong relationships with its suppliers in order to secure and together improve the product performances.

Looking for new sources of supply is essential as well, especially in the fast moving global market that is developing around us. Missions of prospection are regularly conducted worldwide by Correge buyers.